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Thank you for visiting the official “Money Talks” website.

In 1988, Greg Anderson was a fairly new partner in the local accounting firm  Ihlenfeld, Skatrud & Anderson.  He found himself frustrated by the limitations and lack of public knowledge that existed in his chosen field; up until that time it had been illegal for accounting firms to even market their services.  The public held many stereotypes and misunderstandings regarding the goings on inside of accounting firms and the many services offered by a Certified Public Accountant.  In order for his career to truly flourish, Greg realized that if his firm were to experience client growth, he needed to do something to bring information to people.  Thus a risky venture deemed “Money Talks” was born.

The program began in 1990 on WOMT as a once weekly 15-minute show, which usually consisted of radio announcer Lee Douglas interviewing Greg, and listeners were hooked.  As the show went on, Greg started thinking about the exposure and name recognition he was gaining, and he realized that many other young professionals and business owners were likely in the same boat that he had been in, with little means to be known in the community.  The old ways of Yellow Page and newspaper ads, and especially relying on word of mouth referrals, were no longer bringing about the desired effect.  Greg was able to offer these businesses a forum in which to showcase their staff and specialists while educating and informing the public, and “Money Talks!” grew from its inception in 1990 to a 30-minute weekly show, and eventually to its current format airing on WOMT-AM and WOCO-AM/FM.

Now with over 3,000 episodes under his belt, Greg prides himself on the ability to take proactive new businesses and turn them into household names within a year or two of involvement with “Money Talks.”  He has also taken longstanding businesses to the next level as market leaders in their fields.  Every once in a while amongst his local experts, Greg has even had the unique opportunity to interview such big name guests as Presidential Candidate Steve Forbes, Senator Herb Kohl, former Milwaukee Brewers owner and now commissioner Bud Selig, and former player and manager Sal Bando.  He has also been fortunate enough to broadcast famous entertainers direct from Las Vegas, Branson, and New Orleans, authors, and big names in the international investment and tax arenas.  As most of these interviews would usually take place only on the airwaves of such cities as Milwaukee and Chicago, these are rare opportunities indeed, but the vast range of listeners and well-respected reputation of “Money Talks!” will continue to bring them in.

As long as the public keeps the show amongst their daily routine and the experts continue to reap the benefits, “Money Talks!” will continue with its reputation for excellence and maybe even a few surprises up its sleeves.

For the latest updates and the financial advice to help you make some important decisions in your daily lives, be sure to listen to “Money Talks!” each week.


Greg Anderson